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How to Check if Your Phone's IMEI Has Been Blacklisted

12 Mar 2017

Ever since you bought your blacklist cell phone from the store you cannot shake the feeling like there is something wrong with it. Maybe this is due to the fact that you bought your device on a contract. When you sign the contract you’re in for a two-year experience with a SIM locked blacklist cell phone.

Now, this doesn't sound as bad at the beginning because you get a big discount on the unit, but in the long run, this lock activation can nothing but bug you. You will keep facing it whenever you try to switch to a different carrier, or whenever you try to use a SIM card that is labeled with a different carrier than your original.

The SIM lock can be a real pain whenever you go abroad. You will not be allowed to use a foreign SIM card and you will have to pay extra for any phone call you make or for any text you decide to send. You need to be careful constantly otherwise your bill will hit the roof and I can almost be certain that you will not be happy about it.

So, how to change all this and turn the things that annoy you into things that make you happy?

There is only one solution for the SIM lock problem, and that is the SIM unlock. Every mobile phone unit that has the SIM lock activation on can be unlocked only by punching in the unlock key. This key is kept in the database of the carrier and will be extracted from there only when your contract ends, i.e. after 24 months, or in the better case scenario after 12 months. This depends on your contract, of course. As we don’t have time to waste I think it would be best if we got to work and solved the SIM lock-problem once and for all.

How to get the unlock key for your SIM locked blacklist cell phone device?

There is no such thing as getting the unlock code without paying a lot of money and plus the additional fee for breaking your contract prematurely. So, when you are looking for an unlock solution you shouldn’t consider the carrier to do that favor for you. You are on your own here. You and the IMEI Backlist Checker, of course.

The IMEI Backlist Checker is the only tool in the world that can calculate the correct SIM unlock key based on the IMEI code of your handset. So, in order to make this work, you must have your phone’s IMEI code, and you must have the correct one. The IMEI code can be easily seen in the settings menu of your blacklist cell phone, or you can dial *#60* and it will appear on your blacklist cell phone’s display. Once you have the IMEI code the rest is a piece of cake.

Method: How to Check If Your IMEI Has Been Blacklisted

So, here are the remaining steps of the procedure:

  • Download and install the free IMEI Backlist Checker on your computer/ laptop.

  • Open it and enter the country, the IMEI code or your blacklist cell phone and any valid email address that you can enter later.

  • Click the UNLOCK button.

  • Check the email you entered earlier.

  • Get the code from there and punch it in your blacklist cell phone.

  • Your handset is now free or any restrictions, so you can use it any SIM card you wish.

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