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Ufone 3G Internet Packages 2017: Daily, 3Day Weekly, Monthly Bundles

14 Feb 2017

Ufone is Pakistan's 3RD largest telecommunication carrier in Pakistan. It has a great history of offering amazing calling and SMS  packages to its customers. Ufone is still one of the most popular telecom companies in cities across  Pakistan but in rural areas, Zong and Telenor have grabbed a lot of market share by providing 3G and 4G internet services in underdeveloped areas. Still, if you live in a city you should have access to fast 3G Internet provided by Ufone. 

Ufone Provides a number of 3G internet packages based on price, different data limits, and timings. Its 3G packages are divided mainly into 4 different plans i.e Daily, 3Day, Weekly, and Monthly plans. These 4 Ufone 3G internet plans have been further divided into other packages based on the number of MBs. Below we have listed all the latest Ufone 3G Internet packages with prices, volumes, timing, validity along with the subscription codes and subscription codes. Besides the Ufone 3G internet plans, Ufone also offers a number of social bundles which also have been listed below.

While all these 3G internet packages by Ufone are not bad they are very heavily priced compared to other carriers like Zong, and Telenor.The other Pakistani carriers are also offering 4G internet and better coverage across Pakistan so Ufone needs to make their 3G internet packages more affordable compared to Zong, Mobilink, and Telenor to stay in business. 

Check out all the 3G Ufone Internet packages with their subscribe codes below:

Ufone 3G: Daily Internet Packages

Ufone offers 4 daily internet bundles 2 with 24 hours availability while the other two with time constraints.

Daily Light Internet Bundle

The daily light internet bundle will cost you Rs. 10 for 40MBs of data. You can subscribe to this package by dialing *804#. To unsub, SMS UNSUB to 8804.


Daily Heavy Bucket

The Daily Heavy Bucket will cost you Rs. 15 for 75MBs of data. You can subscribe to this offer by dialing *8042#. To unsubscribe, Dial *4804#.


Special Daily Bucket

The Special Daily Bucket is basically a Daytime internet offer which you can use between  1 AM  to 9 PM.  This offer with cost you Rs.5 for 50MBs of data. To subscribe to this internet bundle, Dial *810#. To unsubscribe, send UNSUB to 7810.


Ufone Mega Internet Bucket

Ufone Mega Internet Bucket is valid from  1 AM  to  6 AM. It's a night-time offer that will cost you Rs.99 for 1024 MBs of data. To subscribe to this offer, dial *550#. To unsubscribe, dial *5501#. The best alternative to this offer is Zong Good Night offer which offers 1024MB data for just Rs.6.


Ufone 3G: 3Day Bucket

The Ufone 3G 3Day Bucket will cost you Rs.25 for 100MBs of data and you have to use this data within 3 days. To subscribe to 3 Day Bucket, dial *3350#. The offer will be unsubscribed automatically after 3 days.


Ufone 3G: Weekly Internet Bundles

The Ufone Weekly 3G packages are divided into two bundles

Ufone 3G: Weekly Light Bucket

The Ufone 3G weekly light bucket costs Rs.50 for 250Mb data and can be subscribed dialing *7811#. The offer automatically deactivates after a week.


Ufone 3G: Weekly Heavy Bucket

The Ufone 3G weekly heavy bundle costs Rs.125 for 500MB data and can be subscribed dialing *7815#. The offer automatically deactivates after a week.


Ufone 3G: Monthly Internet Bundles

The Ufone Monthly 3G internet plans are divided into three bundles based on the price and data.

Monthly 1GB Bucket

The Monthly 1GB Ufone 3GB bucket can be activated paying Rs250 to get 1GB of data. The offer can be subscribed dialing *7807#.


Monthly 3GB Bucket

The Ufone Monthly 3GB internet bundle costs Rs.500 for 3GB data and can be subscribed dialing *803#


Monthly 10GB Bucket

The Ufone Monthly 10GB 3G package costs Rs.1000 for 10GB data and can be subscribed dialing *5100#. All of these monthly packages will be automatically deactivated after a period of one month.


Ufone Social Data Bundles

The Ufone social data buckets cover free usage on Facebook, Whatsapp, and Twitter. There are two plans in the Ufone Social Data Bundles.

Ufone Social Daily Bucket

The Ufone daily social bucket gives you free access to social media platforms such as Whatsapp, Facebook, and Twitter for just Rs. 05. The social daily bucket can be subscribed by dialing *4242#. To unsubscribe message 'UNSUB' to 5444.


Ufone Social Monthly Bucket

Ufone Social Monthly bucket costs Rs.50 for 30 days of free access to Facebook, Whatsapp, and Twitter. This offer can be subscribed dialing *5858#. The offer will be deactivated automatically after 30 days of the activation.


Dial *3# to choose the package of your choice



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